What is it? Simplified html components script. Write your static site with pseudo components. Have them all be built w/ a script.

Why build this? I wanted the convenience of writing my layout/navlinks once and having it everywhere without messing with npm, or frameworks, or iframes, or whatever. I want to use exactly 1 (one) braincell when worrying about writing and setting up static sites.

What's it do? Put your files in the right folders. Write your pages. Run the script. Throw everything in the dist/ folder up onto hosting.

The Files


  • Something to run node in the command line

How to use

  1. Set up your folder structure as above.
  2. Update scaffolder.config.json to fill out a list of layouts and fragments that you want to use. path starts in the src/ folder
  3. Work on your website
  4. Run node scaffolder.js to build your dist/ folder
  5. Serve from your dist/ folder to preview what it looks like
  6. Upload your dist/ folder

Other tips for use

  • I use python3 -m http.server 8080 to serve files quickly and locally
  • Use npm to create a npm run build command
  • Use npm to create a npm run deploy command that uses neocities' cli commands